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Discover the video clip of Blue Lake, the title track of our first album!

Welcome to the Julien Coriatt Orchestra website

You have to be ambitious to lead a project like this today. My ambition stems form the enthusiasm to write music for a true and precious singer, one who never compromises, and to the attention of an audience that I hope to be as wide and curious as possible.

Our music, born at the crossroads of jazz, classical and Lithuanian folk music, will soon be available on the album that you can now preorder by clicking on Album.

In the Photos section, you will find a slideshow of some precious moments captured at rehearsals, recording sessions and our summer concert marathon in the Parisian parks in 2013.

Among Videos, you will find excerpts from different performances as well as the first album teaser that allowed us to gather well over a hundred sponsors, friends and fans to help bring this adventure to life.

Julien Coriatt

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"That's beautiful!!! The arranger's got some big ears. A breath of fresh air. Those raised fifths knock me out... the flatted ones too. Some heavy Bartok influence in the voicings." - Marty Sheller about "Tenderly"